Saturday, October 14, 2017

Motivated to Step Up?

With the mounting damage Trump, Walker, and their ilk are doing to our country and our state, "regular people" everywhere are stepping up to defend their families, neighbors, and communities.

If you've thought about taking on a larger role, as an organizer, activist, candidate, volunteer, or something else, there are plenty of opportunities and we'd love to talk with you...

  • All the Officer positions with the Barron County Dems are up for election at our November 16th meeting. Our current officers have done great work and most are willing to stay on, but new ideas and fresh perspectives are always welcome!
  • We're actively recruiting candidates at all levels for 2018. If you've ever thought about running, we'd love to talk and we can put you in touch with folks who know the ropes.
  • Or, lend your time and talents to one of the great Democratic candidates who are already running.
  • Wisconsin Progress has one-day Local Candidate Trainings throughout the fall and winter, including dates 11/11 in Eau Claire and 12/9 in Hudson.
  • Emerge WI has a very successful training program for progressive women candidates that runs from January to July 2018. Registration deadline November 13.