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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Kelly Westlund for Senate Fundraiser

Kelly Westlund Fundraiser
Thurs 6/30 - 4pm-7pm
1560 E. Orchard Beach Ln, Rice Lake (map)

Polly Wolner and Mary Hoeft are co-hosting a meet and greet fundraiser for Kelly Westlund, who is running against Romaine Quinn for the 25th State Senate seat held by Senator Janet Bewley.

Mary and Polly will serve hors d'oeuvres, wine, and beer. Kelly will speak at 5:15 and again at 6:15 so come and stay as long as you can or feel free to stop by, listen to Kelly, donate, and leave. Feel free to bring as many friends as you like.

Kelly will need a lot of money to run a strong campaign against Romaine in this very competitive district - it's key to protecting Governor Evers' veto, so there will be a lot of outside spending. She is an amazing candidate, and we are so lucky she is willing to run. Even if you have already donated to her campaign (as Polly and Mary have) come and hear what Kelly has to say and donate again!

If you are unable to attend, please donate at this link.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

May Democratic Party Meeting

Barron County Democratic Party Meeting
Guest: Dick Ausman for Congress
Thurs 5/19 @ 7:00 pm
16 W John St, Rice Lake (map)
Sign up here for a Zoom invite if you can't make it

Join us in-person for our monthly meeting. Our in-person guest will be Dick Ausman, the 7th CD Democratic candidate for US Congress (Tom Tiffany's seat).

We will also hear via Zoom from the two Democratic candidates running for Wisconsin Secretary of State - incumbent Doug La Follette and challenger Alexia Sabor.

Check out our Candidates Page for links to every Democratic candidate running to represent Barron County or Wisconsin as a whole.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

April Meeting - In Person!

Barron County Democratic Party Meeting
Guest: Kelly Westlund for State Senate
Thurs 4/21 @ 7:00 pm
16 W John St, Rice Lake (map)
Sign up here for a Zoom invite if you can't make it

Join us for our monthly Barron County Dems meeting this Thursday, April 21st, in-person at our Rice Lake Headquarters.

Our guest speaker will be Kelly Westlund, Democratic candidate for the 25th State Senate District. Current State Senator Janet Bewley is retiring, and Kelly is running for her seat - big shoes to fill, but Kelly is up to it!

Learn more about this great candidate, and be ready with your questions, suggestions and checkbooks. Let's help Kelly kick off her campaign and show her that Barron County is ready to support her all the way!

Also some party conventions coming up:

Monday, March 7, 2022

National Public Health Week: April 4-10

 What is Public Health?

We are fortunate to have excellent medical care in Barron County.  We have clinics and hospitals dedicated to treatment of individual patients. In order to keep our entire community healthy we also need the Public Health Program in Barron County. 

Some illnesses are spread within our community through our food (Salmonella), water (bacteria), air (Tuberculosis), or animals (rabies).  When there is an outbreak our Public Health workers help track down the source and determine how and where it is spreading.  Our doctors and nurses depend on the Public Health Nurses to assist in treating these outbreaks. 

Barron County Public Health staff also provide other services such as:

  • Breast cancer screening
  • Mental Health services
  • Infant and child nutrition services
  • Lead testing
  • And many other important services

Thanks to our Barron County Public Health Care Workers!!

We appreciate your dedication to helping all of us stay healthy!!

Barron County Department of Health and Human Services

Barron County Public Health Programs

WI Department of Health Services: Environmental Health

Well Badger Resource Center

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Rice Lake City Council and Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire

The Rice Lake Chamber of Commerce recently sent out the following questions to all Rice Lake City Council and Mayoral Candidates:

  1. Why are you seeking the position of Rice Lake City Council member/Mayor?
  2. What can the City of Rice Lake do to attract a viable new workforce?
  3. What will be your top 3 priorities for the City of Rice Lake this year?
  4. Do you think our main street/downtown is healthy and successful? If not, what would you do to change that?
  5. If elected, what three steps would you take to put our city on a firmer financial footing?
  6. If you received a $1 million grant to use for the city any way you wanted, what would you do with it and why?

Click here to view all the candidates' answers. Election Day is April 5th.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Update: Homeless Shelter Project

The Barron County Dems are helping with the new Salvation Army homeless shelter near Barron (see previous post). The main building will contain single bedrooms, as well as a common room and food service area. The second building is comprised of several larger bedrooms for family units. We have adopted one of these family rooms, and will furnish it when the refurbishing is complete.

Due to infrastructure issues, the opening of the shelter has been delayed until this fall. However, no families have been left out in the cold; the Salvation Army is currently providing emergency housing in area motels for five families.

Although the need for shelter has been met, these families still need certain personal items. We have been asked to donate adult underwear and socks, as well as baby disposable diapers in a variety of sizes. Please contact us to arrange a drop-off time/place.

If you are looking for an opportunity to help with the actual remodeling, there is sheet rock that needs to be removed from the family house walls. This will be a one-day event, and we will be assisted by a couple of Northwood Technical College students. The building is not currently heated, so the project will be dependent on the weather. The work day will probably be at the end of March or beginning of April. Let us know if you would like to be a part of this team.