Sunday, May 10, 2020

Urgent Need to complete nomination forms - Events May 12

A deadline is soon approaching for candidates who need to supply nomination signatures to be on the ballot in November 2020. This affects Tricia Zunker, with a 1,000 signature requirement and John Ellenson who is running as a Democrat for Romaine Quinn’s Assembly seat. He needs 200 signatures.

They have only two weeks to collect signatures and get them delivered to election authorities in Madison. With the COVID pandemic limiting our ability to knock doors and seek signatures, there is concern that they won’t meet the requirement. It would be a shame to lose good candidates because of a technicality.

So we need to get to work. On Election Day, May 12, Barron County Democrats will setup signature collection stations in Rice Lake, Cumberland and Barron. 

Supporters of Tricia Zunker and John Ellenson can stop by and sign nomination forms. No need to leave the safety of the car. We’ll take the same precautions election clerks are using to accommodate parking lot voting. Nominators can even keep the pen and we will include a few of our famous “fish buttons” and window clings.

Those who have completed signature forms can drop those off with us too.

Tues May 12 signature collection events:

  • Rice Lake - 9:30 to 11:30am on Lakeshore Dr by the Elks Lodge
  • Cumberland - Noon to 2:00pm in the library parking lot
  • Barron - 2:30 to 4:30pm in the library parking lot

It's OK for the same person to sign as both an elector (the numbered lines) and as a circulator (bottom of the form). Watch out for common mistakes though:

  • Failing to carefully name the voting municipality in the second to last column. It’s not always the same as your mailing city. If you're unsure of your voting municipality, do a "find my polling place" search at
  • Failing to sign the Certification of Circulator at the bottom of the form.