Monday, June 4, 2018

Ali Holzman Announces Candidacy for State Assembly

We are thrilled to share this announcement from Ali Holzman, who is running for the 75th State Assembly seat! And a special thank you to all the volunteers who collected over 400 signatures to put her on the ballot...

Rice Lake, WI -- Today, Allison “Ali” Holzman announced her candidacy to represent Wisconsin’s 75th Assembly District as a Democrat. Holzman, 31, manages the regional office of the Wisconsin Education Association Council in Rice Lake, and raises cattle, sheep, goats, and chickens with her family on a small farm outside Cumberland. Her daughter, Olivia, will finish 2nd grade at Cumberland Elementary School this week.

“I’ve lived in many parts of the country, in towns ranging in population from 99 to 300,000,” Holzman said. “I know the value of rural communities, which is why I’ve chosen to raise my daughter in this wonderful area.”

“Now, more than ever, I think it’s extremely important for people to get involved and have a voice in our government. Madison politicians do a great job of looking out for special interests and wealthy corporations, but who is looking out for our families? Our part of Wisconsin sees no benefit from giving a multi-billion-dollar handout to a giant corporation hundreds of miles away.”

“I will fight every day to put working families first. Everyone should have the right to quality healthcare, regardless of pre-existing conditions. We need paid parental leave, affordable childcare, and employment policies that give people the freedom to care for their families without falling behind financially. And we need to fully fund our public education systems and end the student debt crisis that’s keeping so many people in my generation and younger from starting families, buying homes, and opening up new businesses.”

“People who work hard ought to be able to get ahead, but somehow it just doesn’t seem to be working out that way in our part of the state. I look forward to talking with voters of the 75th District over the next five months about how we can do better,” Holzman concluded.

The 75th District includes all of Barron County, southern Washburn County, and parts of Burnett, Dunn, Polk, and St. Croix Counties. A map of the district can be viewed here.