Tuesday, March 21, 2017

TrumpCare Would Hurt Northern WI

Rural Northern WI has the highest healthcare costs in the state, so ObamaCare (the Affordable Care Act) gives us more benefits to level the playing field. It's no surprise then that the 7th Congressional District has over 35,000 people enrolled in the ObamaCare exchanges (the most in the state).

TrumpCare does away with these cost-of-care adjustments and would cost a 60yr old in Barron County an extra $6,410 a year! (Check out this county-by-county map from the Kaiser Foundation.)

Despite all the harm it would do to his district, Rep. Sean Duffy is a big supporter of TrumpCare... and he specifically opposes maintaining larger tax credits to high-cost counties like ours.

The House will vote on TrumpCare this week. We need to tell Rep. Duffy to look out for the needs of Northern Wisconsin and vote NO on TrumpCare. Here are all of his phone numbers.

There are TWO Stop-TrumpCare events on Wed 3/22 at Duffy's Office at 15954 Rivers Edge Dr in Hayward (map):