Sunday, March 19, 2017

Help Re-elect Dr. Tony Evers!

Tony Evers for State Superintendent
The Democratic Party of Barron County is proud to endorse Dr. Tony Evers for reelection to State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Dr. Evers is the only candidate who opposes spending taxpayer money on unaccountable private voucher schools. And while politicians from both parties complain about the formula the state uses to fund our local public schools, Dr. Evers actually has a plan to fix it.

His opponent supports throwing more tax dollars at private schools, and proposed a shady deal that would have paid off his primary opponent with a $150,000/yr state job and the unprecedented power to dissolve local school boards. He's also "earned" the endorsement of a radical group that has called our local public schools "a foe to be defeated."

We need your help to Get Out The Vote!
  • Commit to Vote for Dr. Evers on Tuesday, April 4th!
    • Better yet, Vote Early/Absentee starting Monday 3/20
    • Go to to make sure you're registered and all set to vote
  • Get in touch with us if you can do any of the following:
    • Put up a Tony Evers Yard Sign
    • Make Phone Calls for Dr. Evers (even just to your friends)
    • Join us to knock doors on the weekends