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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Rep Quinn admits Mining Bill pollutes water, votes for it anyway

Assembly Rep Romaine Quinn (R-Birchwood) can't say he doesn't know any better. He attended a community discussion last month about the dangers Toxic Sulfide Mining, and afterwards told constituents he was "not supportive" of opening Northern WI up to sulfide mining.

Then he went down to Madison and... voted to open Northern WI up to sulfide mining.

Rep Quinn on Mining Bill AB499

WATCH & SHARE: Rep Quinn flip-flops on #AB499 Mining Bill, admits it will pollute our water, votes for it anyways. #WaterIsLife #ValueWater

Posted by Barron County Democratic Party on Thursday, November 2, 2017

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Call Rep Quinn to share your disappointment:
(608) 266-2519

Watch Rep Quinn's full Floor Speech
arguing for sulfide mining here.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Motivated to Step Up?

With the mounting damage Trump, Walker, and their ilk are doing to our country and our state, "regular people" everywhere are stepping up to defend their families, neighbors, and communities.

If you've thought about taking on a larger role, as an organizer, activist, candidate, volunteer, or something else, there are plenty of opportunities and we'd love to talk with you...

  • All the Officer positions with the Barron County Dems are up for election at our November 16th meeting. Our current officers have done great work and most are willing to stay on, but new ideas and fresh perspectives are always welcome!
  • We're actively recruiting candidates at all levels for 2018. If you've ever thought about running, we'd love to talk and we can put you in touch with folks who know the ropes.
  • Or, lend your time and talents to one of the great Democratic candidates who are already running.
  • Wisconsin Progress has one-day Local Candidate Trainings throughout the fall and winter, including dates 11/11 in Eau Claire and 12/9 in Hudson.
  • Emerge WI has a very successful training program for progressive women candidates that runs from January to July 2018. Registration deadline November 13.

Friday, October 13, 2017

October Meeting - Thurs 10/19 @ 7pm in Rice Lake

Barron County Dems October Membership Meeting
Thurs 10/19 @ 7pm - 16 W. John St, Rice Lake (map)

Paul DeMain will be our guest speaker, giving a presentation on "Keeping our Water Clean: Pipelines and Mines"

Paul DeMain is the editor of News From Indian Country and producer for IndianCountryTV.com. Member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin (Bear Clan) and of Ojibwe descent. Former State Tribal Policy Advisor for Governor Tony Earl.

We'll also have updates on the Mining Bill, a status update on our ongoing outreach and recruitment efforts, opportunities to get involved, and more.

Washburn County Dems Chili Feed
Sat 10/21 @ Noon - Spooner Ag Station (map)

Our friends in Washburn County invite you to their Annual Chili Feed. Enjoy some chili and make some new (or old!) connections with hard-working progressives from north of 30th Avenue.

Invited speakers include:
  • State Sen Janet Bewley
  • State Rep Nick Milroy
  • Tim Burns, WI Supreme Court Candidate
  • Josh Kaul, WI Attorney General Candidate
  • State Rep Dana Wachs, Governor Candidate
  • State Sen Kathleen Vinehout, Governor Candidate
  • Mike McCabe, Governor Candidate
  • Bob Harlow, Governor Candidate
  • Tony Evers, Governor Candidate

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Stop SB395 - Toxic Sulfide Mining

As we discussed at our September meeting, Republican legislators and mining interests are pushing a bill that would overturn Wisconsin's vital "Prove-It-First" sulfide mining law.

Acid Mine Drainage

There's a lot going on, but this one is important. Mining in sulfide geology is the most toxic industry in America. It is notorious for polluting water with sulfuric acid and heavy metals.

Current Wisconsin law (passed with overwhelming bipartisan majorities in 1998) requires mining companies to prove that at least one similar mine has operated in North America for 10 years without polluting groundwater or surface water. No sulfide mine has ever met this standard, so mining companies want to relax the rules.

Contact your legislators and ask them to oppose SB395/AB499:
  • Rep Romaine Quinn (R) - (608) 266-2519
  • Sen Janet Bewley (D) - (608) 266-3510

  • Events to Learn about SB395 & Sulfide Mining:
    Tues 10/3 @ 6pm - Rice Lake Elks Lodge (map)
    Activist Laura Gauger of Wisconsin Resources Protection Council will discuss the history of mining policy in WI and share scientific studies that show the environmental impact of the Flambeau Mine (the last sulfide mine to operate in WI). Question & Answer period to follow.

    Tues 10/10 @ 7pm - Eau Claire Public Library (map)
    Professor Al Gedicks and Anahkwet (Guy Reiter) will explain how you can get involved to oppose sulfide mining and protect Wisconsin’s waters and quality of life. Part of “Save the Menominee River Speaking Tour,” a joint project of the Menominee Indian Tribe of WI and WI League of Conservation Voters.

    Prof. Al Gedicks' testimony against SB395
    More footage of SB395 Senate Hearing at Indian Country TV

    For more info, check out: