Sunday, December 5, 2021

Sat 12/11 - Learn about the local impact of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

The Infrastructure and Jobs Act of 2021, a $1 trillion dollar law to substantially upgrade and redirect our nation’s physical infrastructure over the next 10 years, was passed by a coalition of Democrats and Republicans and signed by President Biden on November 15.

Big dollar numbers like that are almost too abstract to understand, yet this is a real investment that will give a much needed boost to those of us who live in NW Wisconsin. We will see acceleration of broadband fiber expansion, repairs to long neglected local bridges and roads, closer access to passenger rail lines, electric vehicle charging stations and more. We’ll see stronger trade unions, and families will benefit from good jobs and stronger finances.

Join the Six Lakes Dems on Saturday, December 11, at 10am, at the Chetek Lanes Event Center (map) for a presentation on the new law, with special attention to what we will experience locally as these infrastructure projects are rolled out.

Six Lakes Dems will be collecting cash donations for Christmas Cookie Kits for Kids. State Senator Janet Bewley will be with us too.