Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Democratic & Republican Parties Joint Statement on Sign Vandalism

In the last few weeks, vandals have destroyed a considerable number of political signs in Barron County. These incidents have all occurred on private property, in violation of personal rights to privacy, property and free speech. Signs for candidates of both major political parties, Democratic and Republican, have been targeted.

None of this activity is sanctioned or appreciated by either of our political parties. Signs are placed with considerable work and expense by volunteers. Our volunteers have opposite political views, of course, but share a passionate commitment to their chosen candidates. Vandals who tear down a sign might be thinking they've hurt the candidate. They forget that their criminal act has offended those who paid for, those who delivered and those who proudly displayed the sign. One sign stolen probably assures 10 more votes for that candidate.

Passions are understandably high for the 2020 election. Nevertheless, passions need to be channeled to lawful and productive ends. We encourage everyone to conduct themselves with the restraint and civility required of participants in a free democracy.

Gerry Lisi, Chair, Barron County Democratic Party

Tim Wold, Co-Chair, Barron County Republican Party