Friday, August 9, 2019

August Dems Meeting - Report from the Border

Barron Dems August Meeting
with a report from the US-Mexico Border
Thurs 8/15 @7:00PM
16 W John St, Rice Lake (map)

Our own Steve Parliament and Laurie Broome recently returned from the Texas-Mexico border where they helped provide refugees on both sides of the border with humanitarian assistance. We are delighted that they will be sharing their experiences with us.

Want to help? Consider donating to Team Brownsville, the nonprofit that Steve and Laurie worked with.

Here are some excerpts and photos from Laurie & Steve's trip...

"We have purchased a tent and an inflatable mattress for the woman from Peru who is 7 months pregnant, plus inflatable mattresses for 4 families from Honduras, who were all sleeping on the cement in the plaza and looking ragged and bewildered."

"We purchased one air electric air pump for them to share. We asked that, when they are on their way to the US, that they share these things with others in need."

"We also gave $100 to a group of 4 Honduran families to help rent a small apartment for a few weeks. We've distributed shoes to many. There are some men from Cameroon here who came through the Darien area of Panama. They were confronted, their shoes were taken, some in their group killed. I have no idea how they managed to make it this far. Kind and gentle men."

"There were many handouts of the stuffed animals, under garments, blankets, etc. We have poured a drop of help into a large bucket that needs filling. The people we have given to are deeply grateful and I wish with all my heart we could do so much more. We have told everyone that we are only representatives of hundreds of people who care about their well-being and are doing what we can to help."