Tuesday, April 23, 2019

2019 Kubbe Award Winners

The Kubbestol is a type of Norwegian hand-carved chair with a hidden compartment under the seat. The town in possession of the chair, and the important civic documents stored inside, was considered the most important town in the county, the "county seat." In 1874, Rice Lake and Barron vied for that honor. Barron won the contest in the state legislature, and the deal was symbolically sealed when the Kubbestol was moved to Barron.

The Barron County Democrats award a "Kubbe" to individuals who are the special citizens, the ones who set the standards for civic and community engagement, the ones who make life in Barron County all that much better. These are folks who respect the concept of the "common good" and work actively for an open, honest and responsive government that is accountable to the needs and the will of the people.

On April 22, 2019 the Barron County Democrats were proud to present Kubbe Awards to three outstanding and deserving individuals:

Dee Taylor

Clarice Fall

Ron Brewster