Sunday, March 3, 2019

Thurs 3/7 - Climate Change Solutions Discussion in Spooner

An Exploration of Climate Solutions
Thurs 3/7 @ 7:00PM
Spooner DNR Station (map)
(Facebook Event Link)

The vast quantity of carbon released into the atmosphere by the industrialization process of the last 100 years has increased the earth’s temperature with dramatic effects on our climate, environment, and wildlife.

This forum will present various government responses now in the spotlight to control manmade carbon production and limit further warming:
  • The Green New Deal
  • Carbon Fee & Dividend
  • Other mixes of policy & technology

Speakers will present the pros and cons of each and further discuss a robust blend of policy and technology.

Event sponsored by: Citizens Climate Lobby, Sierra Club - John Muir Chapter, and Wisconsin Conservation Voters. (Note this is not a DNR-sponsored event.)