Saturday, June 23, 2018

Five Ways to Help Dems Win - Take Your Pick!

We're fired up to win this November, and we need your help! Here are 5 simple things you can do locally to make a difference right now...

#1 - Put up a Tammy Baldwin Yard Sign

We just got our first shipment of Baldwin yard signs, and we want to get them planted in yards all across Barron County right away. Let us know if you want one. We'll even deliver it! (Sign up here)

#2 - March in the Chetek Liberty Fest Parade

Wednesday, July 4th at Noon

It's parade season, and the Chetek Liberty Fest parade is one of the largest ones in the area. We're working on getting some very special guests, and want to have a large crowd marching along with us. It's fun! And we'll give you a t-shirt! (Sign up here)

#3 - Help Out at the Barron County Fair

Wednesday, July 18 to Sunday, July 22
Barron County Dems will be back at the County Fair with our famous booth and inflatable donkey. A bunch of our Democratic candidates will also join us. We need volunteers to hang out for an hour or two and talk to folks who stop by. (Sign up here)

#4 - Join our Canvass Team!

Barron County Dems volunteers have already knocked over 2,000 doors this year, and we're just getting started. Having one-to-one conversations with voters helps get the word out about our candidates, improves voter turnout, and makes our party stronger. We can always use more people helping with this important work.

We usually go out on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings, but we'll be expanding our efforts in the weeks ahead. Let us know a time that works for you. (Sign up here)

#5 - Support Democratic Candidates Financially

There are oodles of great candidates who'd appreciate your help. But if you're looking to make the biggest impact with your dollar, consider donating to the two outstanding women running to represent Barron County in the state legislature: