Thursday, September 28, 2017

Stop SB395 - Toxic Sulfide Mining

As we discussed at our September meeting, Republican legislators and mining interests are pushing a bill that would overturn Wisconsin's vital "Prove-It-First" sulfide mining law.

Acid Mine Drainage

There's a lot going on, but this one is important. Mining in sulfide geology is the most toxic industry in America. It is notorious for polluting water with sulfuric acid and heavy metals.

Current Wisconsin law (passed with overwhelming bipartisan majorities in 1998) requires mining companies to prove that at least one similar mine has operated in North America for 10 years without polluting groundwater or surface water. No sulfide mine has ever met this standard, so mining companies want to relax the rules.

Contact your legislators and ask them to oppose SB395/AB499:
  • Rep Romaine Quinn (R) - (608) 266-2519
  • Sen Janet Bewley (D) - (608) 266-3510

  • Events to Learn about SB395 & Sulfide Mining:
    Tues 10/3 @ 6pm - Rice Lake Elks Lodge (map)
    Activist Laura Gauger of Wisconsin Resources Protection Council will discuss the history of mining policy in WI and share scientific studies that show the environmental impact of the Flambeau Mine (the last sulfide mine to operate in WI). Question & Answer period to follow.

    Tues 10/10 @ 7pm - Eau Claire Public Library (map)
    Professor Al Gedicks and Anahkwet (Guy Reiter) will explain how you can get involved to oppose sulfide mining and protect Wisconsin’s waters and quality of life. Part of “Save the Menominee River Speaking Tour,” a joint project of the Menominee Indian Tribe of WI and WI League of Conservation Voters.

    Prof. Al Gedicks' testimony against SB395
    More footage of SB395 Senate Hearing at Indian Country TV

    For more info, check out: