Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pi(e), Postcards, & Gerrymandering!

It's 3.14, so... Happy Pi Day! That also puts us just one day away from the Ides of March, and we've got some suggestions for observing this action-packed week...
  • Tuesday, March 14 - Enjoy some pie, calculate some circumferences or spherical volumes, and buy a few postcards and stamps for tomorrow...

  • Wednesday, March 15 - Join with millions of your fellow Americans sending postcards to the White House for the Ides of Trump.
    • Bonus Points: In keeping with the Pi theme, send one postcard to Trump, one to Sen. Johnson, one to Rep. Duffy, and 0.14159265359 (about one-seventh) of a postcard to Rep. Quinn. They all need to hear from you. We've got all the contact info you need right here.

  • Thursday, March 16 - Come tell us what you put on your postcards at our monthly meeting in Rice Lake at 6pm! We also have a great presentation lined up on the WI redistricting case that's going before the US Supreme Court, and we'll get you up to speed on the state budget hearings coming up soon in our area.