Thursday, June 2, 2016

Dave Obey endorses Mary Hoeft for Congress

Former Congressman Dave Obey recently endorsed Mary Hoeft of Rice Lake to represent Wisconsin's 7th District in the United States Congress.  You can learn more about Mary Hoeft at her campaign website.

Congressman Obey's letter is reprinted below:

Dear Friend,

Scott Walker has demonstrated how quickly Wisconsin’s century-long LaFollette progressive values could be shredded — crippling the University, denying health care to those who desperately need it, gutting workers’ ability to defend themselves at the bargaining table and denying the right to vote, the very essence of democracy, to thousands of citizens. And now Donald Trump has emerged as the greatest threat to the health of America’s political system since that notorious Louisiana demagogue, Huey Long.

To effectively resist the threat to basic American values it is crucial that Democrats focus on what unites us, not what divides us.

For forty-two years, as your Representative in Congress, I fought to use the Democratic Party as an instrument for promoting our nations’ military and economic security and the cause of peace and justice. Now, I am no longer on the ballot but I am still trying to do what I can from the sidelines to promote those same causes and values. That is why I have decided to support Mary Hoeft in the 7th District Congressional race. I do so for two reasons. First, because of the kind of the person Mary is, and second, because of what she stands for.

Clean Lakes and Rivers. Mary will be a strong protector of conservation values. Sean Duffy co-sponsored a bill that would allow the discharge of polluted storm water runoff into Wisconsin’s lakes and rivers---runoff that threatens our fish population. Duffy supported the Waters of the U.S. Regulatory Overreach Protection Act, a bill that would make it harder and costlier for states to protect their water from upstream polluters.

Opposes the Paul Ryan Budget. The Ryan Budget would have been a catastrophic result for Medicare, Education, and the Environment. Sean Duffy voted 5 times in support of that budget. You can count on Mary to vote for a set of priorities that are more consistent with Wisconsin’s progressive values.

Supports Higher Education. As a university educator, Mary has seen firsthand how middle class and working poor students struggle in the face of decreased student loans and Pell Grants. Americans who attend college or technical school are less likely to need public assistance. Student loans and Pell Grants today will guarantee reduced dependence on public assistance tomorrow.

Supports Clean Government. Mary will join Senator Elizabeth Warren in protecting consumers and investors from the economic overreach of Wall Street. Sean Duffy Chairs the House Financial Services Sub-Committee. At the same time he has accepted over $424,000 in political contributions from whom? The banking and insurance industries. Mary supports repeal of Citizens United, strict banking oversight, and campaign finance reform.

As I said at the 7th District Convention, a political party is not a social club. It needs to be a disciplined, thoughtful, and effective effort to achieve and hold power for the purpose of achieving policies that are in the best interest of our nation. I believe Mary has the qualities necessary to be our strongest candidate and to most effectively serve in the congress if she were to win the election. I hope you will consider joining me, Bob Jauch, Nick Milroy, and many others in supporting her candidacy. I appreciate your considering these concerns.

Best Regards,

Dave Obey