Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Letter: Rep Quinn Anything but "Effective"

In Larry Schroeder’s March 30th letter he asserts that Rep. Romaine Quinn is “an extremely effective representative.” Unfortunately for all of us in the 75th District, nothing could be further from the truth.

In his 2 years in the Assembly Quinn has voted on over 500 pieces of legislation. In all but 2 instances he has voted with Speaker Robin Vos. Obviously, both Vos and Quinn are Republicans, but it is still amazing that two men representing very different constituencies from opposite ends of the state would agree 99.6% of the time.

Quinn is listed as the author of 16 pieces of legislation. Despite his unwavering loyalty to his Party Boss, only 2 of these have actually been enacted into law. Since baseball season is upon us, consider what happens to a ballplayer with a .125 batting average — he gets sent back to the minors.

Even Quinn’s latest “success” (AB 820) just sets requirements for towns hoping to someday participate in a Rural Broadband program that isn’t going to be funded anytime soon. Speaking to the Wisconsin State Journal, Quinn admitted that his proposal “falls well short of fixing the state’s rural broadband infrastructure.” How’s that for effective?

The 75th District may as well have no representative at all. Just give Robin Vos 2 votes on everything. At least then we could save ourselves Quinn’s $51,000 salary and $13,000/yr in per diems for something more useful.

Dan Agne, Haugen

Appeared in the Rice Lake Chronotype, April 5, 2016