Your Voice. Your Party.


208 N Main St, Rice Lake (map)

an open-ended conversation with the…

Barron County Democratic Party

Real change has only been achieved when ordinary people rise together to fight for the society they want to have. With a dangerous, bigoted buffoon in the White House and people from all walks of life rising to resist his reckless and unconstitutional decrees, we are in one of those moments right now ...and we need to see it through.
That's where YOU come in.

Our party is growing, and we want to make sure everyone has a seat at the table -- especially working people, young families, and students who often can't attend our usual meetings.

Bring your energy and ideas. This is what we're fighting for:
  • Serious Action on Climate Change & Clean Water.
  • The Right to Universal Health Care.
  • High-quality, Debt-Free Education.
  • Human Rights & Dignity for EVERYONE.
  • NOBODY who works should be poor or hungry.
What do you want to see from YOUR Party?

Have an idea? See something we could do better? Know people we're not reaching? Ever think about running for office yourself? Let's talk.

Help get the word out about this event. Print off a flyer (full-page or half-page) and stick it on any bulletin board you can find. Don't forget to invite friends on Facebook.

Never been to a party meeting before? Great!
You're EXACTLY who we want to meet!

Can't make it May 11th, but want to get in touch?
Have an idea you want to share right away?
Let us know below...