Wednesday, September 6, 2017

NO Sulfide Mining in WI - STOP SB395

Republicans in Madison are trying to open Northern WI up to toxic sulfide mining and do away with critical groundwater protections. They introduced SB395 (read the bill here) last week and the State Senate is already holding its public hearing Thurs 9/7 in Ladysmith.

Learn about SB395 & Sulfide Mining
Wed 9/6 @ 7pm - Barron City Hall (map)
Kate Beaton from WI League of Conservation Voters will lead a discussion at Barron County Indivisible's monthly meeting.

Thurs 9/7 @ 9am - Ladysmith High School (map)
WI State Senate Committee on Sporting Heritage, Mining and Forestry is holding a Hearing on SB395 (hearing notice) and will take testimony from members of the public. Go and tell them that clean water is more important than a few temporary jobs.

Here's the bottom line: EVERY Sulfide Mine in history has polluted groundwater. Proponents of SB395 are holding up the Flambeau Mine near Ladysmith as a model of "safe, responsible mining" ...but it's only "safe" because most of the highly toxic groundwater has remained on-site so far. And a stream just south of the mine site is on the DNR's impaired waters list due to acute zinc and copper toxicity.

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